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What is Grind and Seal Polished Concrete?

Grind and Seal Polished concrete is produced by grinding the concrete surface using diamonds to reveal or expose the aggregate within the concrete substrate, with the finish from 60grit to 120grit to fit your budget requirements. A surface coating is then applied to seal and protect the floor.

Polished concrete floors are a versatile and stylish flooring finish that have fast become the surface of choice in many commercial, industrial and residential projects, both for refurbishment and new developments.


  • Low maintenance
    Low maintenance
    Easy to maintain, no harsh cleaning chemicals or methods are required
  • Hardwearing & Durable
    Hardwearing & Durable
    Very durable surface that will not easily mark or dent, will not need to be replaced
  • Stylish & Versatile
    Stylish & Versatile
    Compliments any design criteria, utilises unique concrete mixes to work with specific colour palettes and architectural requirements
  • Hygenic & Low allergen
    Hygenic & Low allergen
    Will not trap mould or dust.
  • Cost effective & sustainable
    Cost effective & sustainable
    Minimal on-going maintenance costs, great naturally occuring thermal properties and is light reflective


Polished concrete is produced by grinding the concrete surface with diamonds to reveal or expose the aggregate within the slab (new or existing slab). Further grinding with progressively finer diamonds produces a polished finish. The concrete is then sealed with either a topical sealer or a penetrating sealer depending on the type of finish you want.

When you lay a new slab there is a wide range of coloured concretes and coloured aggregates available for you to chose from. These are selected through your builder and/or concrete supplier.

If the right application is applied both internally and/or externally then yes polished concrete will meet the Australia/New Zealand Slip Standard. (Please bear in mind that any floor finish may become slippery if it becomes wet.)

Yes. The topical and penetrating sealers used by Concretis PCV are UV Stable.

Typically yes we can polish an existing concrete floor. The concrete would have to be in very poor condition not to be able to achieve a polished concrete finish.

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