Epoxy Flooring

Commercial & residential

Concretis is recognised as a leader in the field of epoxy coatings and resurfacing compounds for all industrial, commercial and domestic flooring applications.

Our in-depth knowledge, constant contact and support from Australia’s leading machinery and coating manufacturers means we have access to all specified materials and are always up to date with the latest technological equipment and processes.  This enables us to provide our customers with only the highest of quality workman ship, together with an outstanding professional service it is clear why our company is in high demand for any project with an epoxy flooring requirement.

Our company is PCCP (Painting Contractor Certification Program) certified, which means we are certified to install epoxy coatings to all government and public works projects.  We have a strong portfolio of projects involving application of:

  • Epoxy coatings
  • Anti-microbial epoxy flooring
  • Solvent-based coatings
  • Water-based coatings
  • Trowel-on epoxy flooring
  • Anti-static epoxy flooring
  • Commercial grade epoxy
  • Anti-slip epoxy coatings
  • Industrial epoxy flooring
  • Chemical resistant epoxy coatings
  • Decorative epoxy flooring
  • Floors requiring a green star rating & low VOC coatings
  • Polymer epoxy flooring
  • UV Resistant epoxy flooring
  • Epoxy flake floor

Concretis provides epoxy flooring solutions for Commercial & Industrial applications such as – food processing, drinks & beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, engineering, warehouses, factories, research laboratories, hospitals, schools, aquatic centres, airports, aircraft hangars and more

Contact us for more information on commercial epoxy coatings or for any technical support.

Our epoxy flooring service is available to all locations within Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas (including Northern Queensland and Northern New South Wales)


  • Protects and extends the life of your concrete.
  • Easy to clean and bacteria resistant.
  • Less dirt and dust debris tracked into your home or business.
  • Our industrial grade coating systems will resist chemicals, solvents and oils.

Epoxy is around 9 times harder than concrete when fully cured. It is extremely durable and can be acid resistant, UV resistant and with a non-slip additive can achieve any required slip ratings.

Epoxy floors are easy to keep clean. Generally cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner or detergent is recommended.

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