Honed Concrete

Commercial & residential

To achieve a Honed Concrete finish the existing concrete substrate is mechanically ground to expose the desired level of stone/aggregate (either full exposure, or partial).  We then hone the concrete to approximately 60grit, depending on the environment, and apply either a penetrating sealer or a surface coating.

A penetrating sealer will penetrate into the pores of the concrete to seal and protect it from within.  Alternatively, a surface coating containing a non-slip additive will sit on the surface of the concrete therefore the non-slip additive is required to provide the correct amount slip resistance.

Honed concrete can be used as a decorative alternative to conventional paving such as tiles, pavers, stamped concrete, stencilled concrete and exposed aggregate.  The ability to carry through the polished concrete look from internal to external areas is often requested by customers, especially those building new homes and Concretis’ experienced and qualified technicians will provide this professional service to ensure only the best outcome is achieved.

Honed Concrete is ideal for any external area such as patios, driveways, external walkways, swimming pool surrounds, outdoor entertaining areas, transit depots, all public access areas and footpaths.


Honed Concrete is an external finish where we grind the concrete to typically a 60grit finish and apply a penetrating sealer, leaving the concrete with a natural/matt finish. A surface coating can be applied if requested. Mechanically Polished Concrete is an internal finish where the concrete is polished with progressively finer resin pads to achieve the required gloss level. Typically this finish is too slippery for an external finish.

When you lay a new slab there is a wide range of coloured concretes and coloured aggregates available for you to chose from. These are selected through your builder and/or concrete supplier.

If the right application is applied then yes honed concrete will meet the Australia/New Zealand Slip Standard.

Honed concrete is usually finished with a penetrating sealer giving the concrete a more natural look. Polished concrete is finished with a topical sealer that can be either a satin or a gloss finish depending on the look you want to achieve.

If the right application is applied then yes honed concrete will meet the Australia/New Zealand Slip Standard.

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